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Genetics, Evolution and Human Nature
Censorship and the Internet
Humanism and The Enlightenment
Positivism and Auguste Comte
Christopher Badcock
Rita Carter
Frank Furedi
Kenan Malik
Sue Scott
Matt Ridley
Steven Rose
Peter Singer
Raymond Tallis

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The Ashton Group

Battle of Ideas

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Debating Matters Competition

Institute of Ideas

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International Centre for Life

New Scientist

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North East Centre for Lifelong Learning

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Spiked-science debates

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Genetics, Evolution and Human Nature

Genomics News Wire

Happiness: The Science Behind Your Smile by Daniel Nettle

The Human Nature Review

New Scientist Hot Topics: Human Nature

Evolutionary Psychology: Introduction to the Field

Future of Life website

Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES)

HBES lists of books relevant to human behaviour and evolution published in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

Theories: Evolutionary Psychology on MFTSource

Booklist for Evolutionary Psychology

Mind and Evolutionary Explanation I: Methodology, II: Darwinian Applications, III: The Limits of Evolutionary Explanations

Evolutionary Psychology on the Open Directory

Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer by Leda Cosmides & John Tooby

On The Origin of Variation by Robert B. Hamilton and Robert M. Hamilton, Ph.D

The Darwin Debate at the BBC

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Humanism and the Enlightenment

On this site

Sketch of Condorcet's Sketch for an Historical Picture of the Progress of the Human Mind by Caspar Hewett
Henri de Saint-Simon: The Great Synthesist by Caspar Hewett
Auguste Comte – High Priest of Positivism by Caspar Hewett
Progress of the Human Mind: From Enlightenment to Postmodernism, summary of workshop by Caspar Hewett
The Three Cs and the Notion of Progress: Copernicus, Condorcet, Comte by Caspar Hewett
John Locke’s Theory of Knowledge (An Essay Concerning Human Understanding) by Caspar Hewett
Life of Voltaire by Caspar Hewett

About John Locke (1632-1704)

John Locke Wikipedia entry
John Locke - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
John Locke - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
John Locke: "The Philosopher of Freedom." biography
John Locke - Philosophy Pages
John Locke: Life & Work
John Locke - Oregan State University pages
A Biography of John Locke
John Locke - Victorian Web
John Locke Biography
Biography of John Locke - Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
Locke page - Religion and Liberty, Acton Institute
John Locke Bibliography

By John Locke

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690)
The Second Treatise of Civil Government (1690)
A Letter Concerning Toleration
Of the Conduct of the Understanding
Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693)

About Voltaire

Voltaire Wikipedia entry
Voltaire on the Fact Index
Voltaire – on the World Philosophy Series
Five biographies of Voltaire by Clarence Darrow, Robert Green, Jim Herrick, Joseph Lewis and Thomas S. Vernon (
Voltaire quotations
Voltaire’s Life and Works on
Voltaire and Frederick the Great from Books and Characters, French and English by Lytton Strachey, 1915, edited by Geoffrey Sauer

Works by Voltaire

Poem on the Lisbon Disaster (1756) by Voltaire edited and translated by Joseph McCabe
A Treatise on Toleration (1763)
The Philosophical Dictionary Selected and Translated by H.I. Woolf
Study Guide for Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary
Letters on Newton from the Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778
On Francis Bacon from Letters on the English or Lettres Philosophiques, c. 1778
Letters from Voltaire, a selection

Works by Condorcet

Outlines of an historical view of the progress of the human mind (1795) Online Library of Liberty
On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship (1790) Online Library of Liberty

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Positivism and Auguste Comte

Auguste Comte – High Priest of Positivism by Caspar Hewett
The Three Cs and the Notion of Progress: Copernicus, Condorcet, Comte by Caspar Hewett

About Auguste Comte (1798-1857)

Auguste Comte on
Auguste Comte Biography
The Age of Ideologies: The World of Auguste Comte
Auguste Comte on Malaspina Global Portal
Auguste Comte Biography on

By Auguste Comte

Comte on Humanistic Texts
A General View of Positivism on Modern History Sourcebook

Books at Amazon

Auguste Comte: An Intellectual Biography: v. 1 by Mary Pickering

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Censorship and the Internet

The Great Debate: Should we censor the Internet? Caspar Hewett reports on the proceedings of a discussion held on 26 November 2002 at Gateshead Civic Centre

The Internet: Brave New World? A review of the Hodder and Stoughton book of the same name.

Sex on the Net: The dilemma of policing cyberspace. David O'Toole reviews the book of the same name by Yaman Akdeniz

So you think you have free speech? by David O'Toole

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Christopher Badcock

Christopher Badcock has spoken at two previous Great Debate public discussions: The Great Debate - Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy in March 2001 and Determined to Survive? The Great Debate - Freedom, Determinism and the Gene in June 2000.

The Great Debate: Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy

Evolutionary Psychology: A Critical Introduction by Christopher Badcock: Polity book details

Order Evolutionary Psychology from Amazon

Christopher Badcock: Personal profile

Christopher Badcock: homepage at LSE

LSE Department of Sociology

Of Mice and Men by Christopher Badcock

Christopher Badcock: author biography

The Green Man review of Evolutionary Psychology: A Critical Introduction, December 2002

The Freedom of The Gene by Christopher Badcock, LA Publications - Sociological Notes

The Freedom of The Gene: How Genetics Challenges Socialisation Theory by Christopher Badcock

Libertarian Alliance Sociological Notes Index

Christopher Badcock: list of books

Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research

Thoughts on Nature

Help for names' sakes by John Whitfield

Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology: Ideas, Issues, and Applications by Charles Crawford and Dennis Krebs

Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology abstract

Emotion, Evolution and Rationality abstracts

Evolution and Psychotherapy, May 8 1999

Psychodarwinism: The New Synthesis of Freud and Darwin: review by Anthony Bullivant

Theories: Evolutionary Psychology on MFTSource

Dad's the Id, Mom's the Ego

Imprinted Genes Suggest your Cortex may derive from your Mother by Gail Vines, New Scientist 3 May 1997

The Socialization of the Professions and the Humane University: Reconsidering the Social Contract For a Scholarly Community

A Forlorn Hope: Psychoanalysis in Search of Scientific Respectability Review of The Evolution of the Emotion Processing Mind by Robert Langs

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Rita Carter

Rita Carter was on the panel of the public discussion The Great Debate: Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy in March 2001.

The thinking machine John McCrone keeps an open mind as he reads Rita Carter's survey of the current state of play in the science of the brain, Consciousness

Order Consciousness from Amazon

Exploring Consciousness: review by Amy Ione, Leonardo Digital Reviews

Why I wrote Mapping the Mind by Rita Carter

Conversation with Laura Lee

Order Mapping the Mind from Amazon

Our Brain Develops at Different Rates - part of the Accelerated Learning series

Tuning in to genius Thursday, 7 October, 1999

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Frank Furedi

Frank Furedi Page books by Frank Furedi

Professor Frank Furedi, School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent

Our unhealthy obsession with sickness, spiked-online, March 2005

Symbol clash the PARLIAMENT magazine, 31 January 2005 The swastika: intolerance is not a way to engage with a symbol of hatred. [pdf format]

The children who won't grow up by Frank Furedi, July 2003

Epidemic of fear by Frank Furedi, March 2002

Assessment versus intellect The demise of proper essays and exams has made degree inflation a fact of life, says Frank Furedi Tuesday March 25, 2003, The Guardian

Making People Feel Good About Themselves: British Social Policy And The Construction Of The Problem Of Self-Esteem by Frank Furedi, Inaugural lecture, 24 January 2003

Making Sense of Parental Paranoia Excerpt from Paranoid Parenting by Frank Furedi, The Guardian Unlimited

Asymmetrical Actors and Intentional Risk, Abstract

Consuming Democracy: activism, elitism and political apathy by Dr Frank Furedi

Please recognise my identity - accounting for the contemporary concern with recognition, transcript from Institute of Ideas and Institut français "Attention Seeking: multiculturalism and the politics of recognition"

Diagnosing the problem: a commentary on preimplantation genetic diagnosis by Ann Furedi and Frank Furedi

Six Billion Reasons to Celebrate by Frank Furedi, September 1999

Who Voted For Consumer Activists? by Frank Furedi, August, 1999

Watch out, adults about by Frank Furedi, August 1999

Succumbing to Green Scare Tactics by Frank Furedi, The Wall Street Journal Europe, November 1998

New Britain: A Regulator's Paradise by Frank Furedi, The Wall Street Journal Europe, March 1998

Macro to micro: Frank Furedi on the left-liberal surrender to "PC"

Mumsnet live event. Edited transcript of live online chat with sociologist Frank Furedi

Defining the moment, BBC News, July 2003

Therapy Culture exposes the often-bizarre thinking behind the growing practice of counselling. James Heartfield

You're so vain, you probably think this book is about you Therapy Culture and the Therapistas, by Dolan Cummings

Furious Furedi?

Please don't feel our pain review of Therapy Culture by Melissa Benn, The Independent, 10 October 2003

Theodore Dalrymple reviews Therapy Culture by Frank Furedi

Pull yourself together! Blake Morrison is not impressed by Frank Furedi's Therapy Culture December 20, 2003, The Guardian Unlimited

Review of Therapy Culture by Raj Persaud, bmj

Who really needs therapy? Frizzy Logic, October 2003

How we let our emotions take over from our brains by Damian Thompson

Teen mums 'are targets of eugenics' Government pregnancy-reduction plan is about stopping lower classes breeding, claims expert by Sarah-Kate Templeton, Sunday Herald Online, April 2003

Sociologist tears apart self-esteem of the State By Alexandra Frean, Times Online

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Kenan Malik

Kenan Malik was on the panel at the public discussion The Great Debate - Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy in March 2001 and was co-tutor with Caspar Hewett on the day school Modern Theory and the Human Mind in January 2002. He has his own website: which is an archive of his work including books, television and radio, journalism and book reviews, papers, essays, lectures and debates. The site also acts as an archive of reviews of his books.

Conversations in Print Launch: What is it to be human? what science can and cannot tell us, Institute of Ideas

Conversations in Print

The Great Debate: Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy

Just fancy chimps with attitude? Financial Times; Oct 21, 2000

For more links see

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Sue Scott

Sue Scott was on the panel of the public discussion The Great Debate: Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy in March 2001. She is Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Policy at Durham University and has her own web page.

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Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley was on the panel at Determined to Survive? The Great Debate - Freedom, Determinism and the Gene in June 2000. books by Matt Ridley

We've never had it so good - and it's all thanks to science by Matt Ridley, Education Guardian, Thursday April 3, 2003

Review of Nature Via Nurture, The Observer, Sunday 30 March 30 2003

Review of Nature Via Nurture by Colin Tudge, The Independent, 29 March 2003

Natural gold dust Review of Nature Via Nurture by Dylan Evans

The Storefront Genome Matt Ridley lecture at UCLA Center for Society, the Individual and Genetics James West Alumni Center - UCLA Campus

Nature Via Nurture, Fourth Estate

Biography of Matt Ridley

Fourth Estate website

The Nature vs. Nurture Debate

Matt White Ridley

Written in the genes by Johnjoe McFadden, The Guardian Monday March 31, 2003

Can Selfishness Save the Environment? by Matt Ridley and Bobbi S. Low

Concentration is key: by Matt Ridley, Spiked-online science debates

Online NewsHour Ray Suarez talks with author Matt Ridley about his book Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters.

Unraveling the genome March, 2000

Barnes and Noble: review of Genome

Not an Inkling review of Genome by Jerry Coyne

Ape and Essence review of Genome by Daniel J. Kevles

National Genetics Society review of Genome A Three-Billion-Year Memoir

Human Genetics, William Sheridan

The Independent Review: review of The Origins of Virtue

Science News Books: The Origins of Virtue

Review of The Red Queen

The Motley Fool's Jester Award March 2000

Review of The Red Queen by Helga

Sex is for combating parasites

BBC News 'Back to the Future': Interview with Matt Ridley

The virtue of human universals and cooperation : A review essay of Matt Ridley's The Origins of Virtue

Our relentless drive to cooperate by Elizabeth Brubaker: review of The Origins of Virtue

What's Next in Biotech An interview with Matt Ridley, by Tom Gardner February 27, 2001

In genes might we trust? Jay Tolson reviews Matt Ridley books by Matt Ridley

'The Meanings of Darwinism: Then and Now?'

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Steven Rose

The Third Culture: Steven Rose

Biography of Steven Rose

Playing God by Hilary and Steven Rose, The Guardian, Thursday July 3, 2003

The political scientist : The Guardian profile of Steven Rose, Dec 2001

Profile of Steven Rose, the Moral Maze, BBC radio 4

God’s Organism? The chick as a model system for memory studies by Steven P R Rose

The measure of a man (June 2002), Steven Rose pays tribute to the life and work of Stephen Jay Gould

Lifelines, Biology, Freedom, Determinism, 1997

A Conversation with Steven Rose (pdf file), EMBL Annual Report 2001/2002

Biology, Freedom, Determinism from Lifelines : Biology Beyond Determinism,

Darwin, Genes and Determinism Steven Rose on BBC Evolution Website

Steven Rose puts the organism back into biology (1998)

Don't mess with human nature... Francis Fukuyama fears that biotechnology will make monsters of us. Steven Rose weighs the evidence, June 1, 2002, The Guardian

Terms of endowment Steven Rose finds out a thousand more things about men than he ever imagined asking in Steve Jones's Y: The Descent of Man Saturday September 14, 2002, The Guardian

No Way To Treat The Mind by Steven Rose

The Descent of Man - The Voices

Palestine: Information with Provenance

Wars of the Roses by Helen Jacobus, The Jewish Chronicle (UK), January 31, 2003

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Peter Singer

Peter Singer's Princeton Home Page.

A resource on Peter Singer

Should We Breach the Species Barrier and Grant Rights to Apes? Peter Singer vs. Kenan Malik debate

Views for the Left by Marek Kohn

Claiming Darwin for the Left: An Interview with Peter Singer Interview by Julian Baggini

Ethics in the Age of Evolutionary Psychology by Francis Steen, 7 March 2000

Can Darwin Replace Marx? Review of A Darwinian Left: Politics, Evolution, and Cooperation by Joshua Foer

Sparrow Talks with Peter Singer. Interview with Sparrow. Green World Center, ca. 1999.

Living and Dying. Interview with Jill Neimark. Psychology Today, January 1999.

Peter Singer: 20 Questions. Interview with Vance Lehmkuhl. Philadelphia City Paper, October 7-14, 1999.

Dangerous Words. Interview with Kathryn Federici Greenwood. Princeton Alumni Weekly, January 26, 2000.

Ethics into Action. Interview with John Cleary [transcript]. ABC, January 26, 2000.

Of Animals and Ethics. Interview with Richard Atcheson. Princeton Alumni Weekly, November 22, 2000.

The Pursuit of Happiness. Interview with Ronald Bailey. Reason, December 2000.

Professor Death Interview with Viktor Frolke. Salon, June 25, 2001.

On Pushing Time Away Interview with Robert Birnbaum. Identity Theory, April 11, 2003.

The President of Good and Evil. Interview with Michael O'Connor. Three Monkeys Online, 2004.

Ethicist Peter Singer on Morality and the News. Interview with Bill Moyers [transcript]. PBS, May 14, 2004.

The Sanctity of Life. Debate with Harry Gensler. John Carroll University, ca. 2000.

Ethicist Peter Singer Interview with Christopher Lyndon. The Connection, March 10, 2000.

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Raymond Tallis

Truth, the Self and the Human Agent after Postmodernism

Review of Man, Beast and Zombie Raymond Tallis in prospect

A new classification of higher level gait disorders in patients with cerebral multi-infarct states by Richard Liston, Jane Mickelborough, Jacqueline Bene and Raymond Tallis

Neither Nature Nor Nurture by Raymond Tallis

Biology vs. the Blank Slate Steven Pinker deconstructs the great myths about how the mind works.

Study: People living longer, healthier

Longevity 'is not a threat to NHS' By Roger Highfield and David Derbyshire

Britons growing older gracefully by Tim Radford, Sat September 13, 2003 The Guardian

Sokal and Bricmont: Is this the beginning of the end of the dark ages in the humanities? by Raymond Tallis

action, reaction by Sohko Fujimoto

Leave well alone commentary by Raymond Tallis

Revisiting old debates

Enlightened paralysis, or hyper-Enlightenment?: the end of the p-age by Peter Gray, University of Stirling

Review of Enemies of Hope: A Critique of Contemporary Pessimism

In Defence of Realism

The Two Cultures Revisited by Richard Webster Letter to The Times Literary Supplement (unpublished) by Clare O'Farrell

The Explicit Animal: A Defence of Human Consciousness review by Dan Simon

Edmond Wright: an introduction

In sickness and in health: 'ascent of man' down to digits by Dr James Le Fanu

Tallis tackles Brocklehurst’s Textbook

How to achieve concordance through ethnic sensitivity and lateral thinking: a case study by Anna Murphy and Raymond Tallis

Hilarious spoof on post-structuralism by M. L. Raina. Review of Postmodern Pooh by Frederick Crews

The Naming of the Disease : How Jakobson's essay on aphasia initiated postmodernist deceits by James Drake The Times Literary Supplement, September 4 1998

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