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David O'Toole

Dave O'Toole

Dave O'Toole is a retired trade union organiser for the UCU (University and College Union). He has been an associate and enthusiastic contributor to The Great Debate since 2000 and was its treasurer from 2000-2013. His interests include science, progress, the Internet and the defence of free speech. Dave has a keen interest in the environmental movement and blogs on the politics of climate alarmism, the school strikes and the Extinction Rebellion phenomenon. He blogs at

Dave has convened and chaired a number of events for The Great Debate including The Great Debate: Should we censor the Internet?, November 2002 at Gateshead Civic Centre and Playing it Safe: Science and the Risk Society, March 2004 at The International Centre for Life in Newcastle. He has also co-organised numerous events including Evolution, Human Nature and Autonomy, March 2001 at Newcastle University and The Great Debate: Development, Sustainability and Environmentalism, September 2003 at Newcastle Civic Centre. He was on the panel of the debate on Limits to Freedom as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.

Dave has a number of magazine articles and reviews on the subject of technology published and is a contributor of articles and book reviews to The Great Debate website.

Dave is an experienced IT developer and consultant and has provided invaluable Internet technical support to The Great Debate in addition to his role as treasurer.

On this site by David O'Toole

The New Moral Code - Asking questions about Environmentalism in the 21st Century.

The Internet: Brave New World? A review of the Hodder and Stoughton book of the same name.

Sex on the Net: The dilemma of policing cyberspace. review of the book of the same name by Yaman Akdeniz

So you think you have free speech?

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