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The Great Debate Green Phoenix Festival programme

Limits to Growth in 21st Century

Video of discussion held as part of The Great Debate Green Phoenix Festival Programme
Sunday, 22 August 2010
Sponsored by The Policy Press

Video sponsored by The Policy Press
Daniel Ben-Ami and Richard Dyer
The 1972 Club of Rome report The Limits to Growth warned that oil was running out and that more generally the resources we use were going to become increasingly scarce. Nearly forty years later many of the projections in this ground breaking report have proved greatly exaggerated yet the sense that limited resources represent one of the most important challenges to humanity is stronger than ever. Today the term ‘unfettered growth’ is often used with disdain, and those who argue for continued growth are accused of encouraging greed, damaging the environment and widening social inequalities. So, what are the limits to growth that we face today? Are they social or natural? Should we accept them or attempt to transcend them? What sort of world do we want for present and future generations?
Phil O'Keefe
Daniel Ben-Ami, author Cowardly Capitalism, Ferraris for All: In Defence of Economic Progress
Richard Dyer, Transport and Climate Campaigner, Friends of the Earth
Phil O'Keefe, Professor of Economic Development and Environmental Management, University of Northumbria
Chair: Dave O'Toole

Part one: Daniel Ben-Ami's introductory remarks

Part two: Richard Dyer's introductory remarks

Part three: Phil O'Keefe's introductory remarks

Part four: discussion opens

Part five: Daniel Ben-Ami and Richard Dyer respond to the audience

Part of the North East Education for Sustainable Development initiative in association with
OPAL North East Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability RCE North East

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Daniel Ben-Ami
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