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Dr Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn
Paul Quinn is Senior Lecturer in Catchment Hydrology in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University. His main interest is in making interventions in the landscape that have multiple benefits such as reducing export of nutrients from farming into waterways and reducing flood risk.

In addition to farm scale and catchment scale experiments with a range of interventions, Paul and his team have developed tools for communicating with farmers, agronomists, land use planners including the Decision Support Matrix and a multi-scale hydrological framework for decision support that has been adopted by the UNESCO HELP programme.

Paul Quinn has been a long term supporter of The Great Debate and has chaired a number of our events including Getting Real About Energy at European Geosciences Union in Vienna, 2010. He was also a major contributor to the Living in a Changing World project and was on the panel of Food and Water Security as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in 2010 and the panel of Geoengineering the climate: the way forward? in Vienna, 2014.

Selected Publications

‘Towards a Hydroinformatics Framework to Aid Decision Making,’ Hewett, C.J.M., A. Doyle and P.F. Quinn, J. Hydroinformatics, 12(2), pp.119-138, 2010

‘Towards New Types of Water-centric Collaboration: Instigating the Upper Mississippi River Basin Observatory Process,’ Quinn, P.F., C.J.M. Hewett, M. Muste and I. Popescu, Proceedings of ICE, Water Management, 163(1), pp.39 –51, 2010

‘A Multi-Scale Framework for Strategic Management of Diffuse Pollution,’ Hewett, C.J.M., P.F. Quinn, A.L.Heathwaite, A. Doyle, S. Burke, P.G. Whitehead and D.N. Lerner, Environmental Modelling and Software, 24(1), pp.74-85, 2009

'Agricultural land use and flood risk management: Engaging with stakeholders in North Yorkshire,' Posthumus, H., C.J.M. Hewett, J. Morris and P.F. Quinn, Agricultural Water Management, 95(7), pp.787-798, 2008

'TOPCAT-NP: a minimum information requirement model for simulation of flow and nutrient transport from agricultural systems,' Quinn,P.F., C.J.M. Hewett and N.D.K. Dayawansa, Hydrological Processes, 22, pp.2565-2580, 2008

'Evaluating the risk of non-point source pollution from biosolids: Integrated modelling of nutrient losses at field and catchment scales,' Whitehead P.G., A.L. Heathwaite, N.J. Flynn, A.J. Wade and P.F. Quinn Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 11(1), 601-613, 2007

'Is there a link between agricultural land-use management and flooding?' O'Connell PE, J. Ewen J, G.M. O'Donnell and P.F. Quinn, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 11(1), 96-107, 2007

‘Modelling and Managing Critical Source Areas of Diffuse Pollution from Agricultural Land by Simulating Hillslope Flow Connectivity,’ Heathwaite, A.L., P. Quinn, P. and C.J.M. Hewett J.Hydrology, 304, pp.446-461, 2005

‘Integrating Hydrology into Farmer's Decisions,’ Quinn, P.F., C.J.M. Hewett and A. Doyle, in The Farmer's Decision, Hatfield, J. (ed.), 2005, Soil and Water Conservation Society, Iowa, USA, pp.173-204

'Scale appropriate modelling: Representing cause-and-effect relationships in nitrate pollution at the catchment scale for the purpose of catchment scale planning,' Quinn, P.F., Journal of Hydrology 291(3-4), 197-217, 2004

‘Towards A Nutrient Export Risk Matrix Approach to Managing Agricultural Pollution at Source,’ Hewett, C.J.M., P.F. Quinn, P.G. Whitehead, A.L. Heathwaite and N.J. Flynn, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 8(4), pp.834-845, 2004

‘Scale Appropriate Modelling : From Mechanisms to Management,’ Quinn, P.F., C.J.M. Hewett, and A. Doyle, in Scales in Hydrology and Water Management, Tchiguirinskaia, I., Bonell, M. and Hubert, P. (eds.), 2004, IAHS Publication 287, pp.17-38

‘Hydroinformatics Tools to Aid Decision Making for Nutrient Remediation at Source,’ Hewett, C.J.M. and P.F. Quinn, In Liong, Phoon & Babovic (eds) Proc. 6th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, June 2004, Singapore

'TopManage: A High Resolution GIS Digital Terrain Analysis Tool to Study the Management of Flow on Farms,' Hewett, C. and P. Quinn, 7th International Specialised Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Basin Management, August 2003, Dublin, Ireland

'An Earth Systems Engineering Approach to the Direct Management of Runoff Flow Paths and Nutrient Remediation at Source,' Quinn, P. and C. Hewett, 7th International Specialised Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Basin Management, August 2003, Dublin, Ireland

'Strategic Management of Non-point Source Pollution from Sewage Sludge,' Burke, S., Heathwaite, L., Quinn, P., Merrett, S., Whitehead, P., Preedy, N. and C. Hewett, C., 7th International Specialised Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Basin Management, August 2003, Dublin, Ireland

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School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University

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