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Living in a Changing World


Living in a Changing World Video

Getting Real About Climate Change interviews

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Project Description

Film workshop, March 2009
Living in a Changing World is a documentary-making project funded by Mediabox and supported by funds from RCE North East, delivered by, about and for young people. The core group of young people involved in this project explored what they think are the issues facing them in the future and which most concern them. The participants formed a production team to create a documentary and were given training and guidance in sound production, lighting and camera work, interview techniques, scripting questions, storyboarding, presentation and editing. Guidance from creative media professionals was available at each stage of the process, but both the content of the film and decision-making processes were driven by the young people involved. More ...

One focus of the film was a one day workshop, Getting Real About Climate Change, organised by The Great Debate, RCE North East and North East Centre for Lifelong Learning on the theme of how humanity should respond to climate change. The focus on this workshop was decided based on the high level of interest expressed by young people who participated in The Great Debate's Don't Shout at the Telly, Change What's on it! workshop held in March 2009. The film-making element of this previous event and the content of the discussions caught the imagination of participants, inspiring the topics of the forthcoming workshop and this project.

Capturing Reality, a film-making workshop for young people was included in Getting Real About Climate Change to facilitate wider participation in the film beyond the core production team and encourage cross fertilisation of ideas of participants in the film-making project and debate-based workshop.

Starting in March 2010 our young participants were engaged in participatory sessions developing the ideas, researching, interviewing and gaining the skills leading to the filming of the Getting Real About Climate Change workshop. Further participatory sessions were facilitated either side of editing sessions to allow the production team to review content prior to final edit.

The Great Debate and RCE North East team aims to link participants with vocational pathways, such as apprenticeships, artist / film-making mentorship schemes with dedicated organisations, Northern Film & Media's training and development initiatives, and routes into further education.

RCE North East
The Great Debate

Living in a Changing World is organised by The Great Debate in partnership with RCE North East

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More Videos

Vox pop interviews with participants.

James Moore, Sean McMahon, Akhe Beku and September Sky Howd reflect on living in a changing world, freedom, docufiction and resources and develop interview questions on water security with workshop facilitator Caspar Hewett.

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