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Previous Contributors to the Great Debate

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John Gowing John Gowing

John Gowing is Reader in Agricultural Water Management at Newcastle University. His primary research interest is irrigated agriculture with a focus on improved management of irrigation systems, which has involved activity in various countries within the tropics and sub-tropics.

Recent activities have explored scope for multi-purpose management of irrigation systems including consideration of non-consumptive water uses such as for fishing and aquaculture. His interest in agricultural water management extends beyond irrigation and into catchment management and dryland cropping systems. Collaborative research projects with partners in Africa have focused on interactions between land-use and hydrological response in a semi-arid environment.

His research often brings together elements of soil science and hydrology within broader interdisciplinary approaches to environmental management. This interest is reflected in recent work, which explored indigenous farmers’ knowledge of their soils as an aid to planning soil-water management interventions. It is reflected also in a third focus of research, which has involved a succession of research students in investigation of the soil hydrological processes affecting management of salinity in irrigated land.

John Gowing was on the panel of the I'm A Subsistence Farmer... Get Me Out Of Here! debate at The Great Debate: Developing World Challenges in March 2008. (Click here for edited video of debate). He also is on the panel of Food and Water Security as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.

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Recent publications

F. Konukcu; J.W. Gowing; D.A. Rose. Dry drainage: A sustainable solution to waterlogging and salinity problems in irrigation areas?. Agricultural Water Management 2006, 83(1-2), 1-12.
Gowing, J.W.; F. Konukcu; and D.A. Rose. Evaporative flux from a shallow watertable: The influence of a vapour–liquid phase transition. Journal of Hydrology 2006, 321(1-4), 77-89.
Li, Q.; J.W. Gowing; and T. Gunawardhana. A daily water balance approach for evaluating performance of irrigation tanks. Water Resources Management 2005, 19, 211-231.
Rose D.A.; F. Konukcu; and J.W. Gowing. Effect of watertable depth on evaporation and salt accumulation from saline groundwater. Australian Journal of Soil Research 2005, 43(5), 565-573.
Li, Q.; J.W. Gowing; & C.Mayilswami. Multiple-use management in a large irrigation system: technical constraints to integrating aquaculture within irrigation canals. Irrigation and Drainage 2005, 54, 31-42.
Gowing, J.W.; and Q. Li. Multiple-use management in a large irrigation system: benefits of distributed secondary storage. Irrigation & Drainage Systems 2004, 18(1), 57-72.

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John Gowing

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