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Development, Sustainability and Environment

A day of discussion held on Saturday 27th September 2003 at Newcastle Civic Centre
Sponsored by Peer Review for European Sustainable Urban Development
Convened by Caspar Hewett, Dave O'Toole, Jon Bryan and Mo Lovatt

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Chair Caspar Hewett

In the last twenty years environmental thinking has become very much a part of our every day lives. The term 'sustainable development' has entered the mainstream and is used to guide policy in both the developed and developing world. Yet whilst we in the West enjoy a safe, clean, pleasant environment coupled with high living standards the developing world is being discouraged from aspiring to anything more than basic needs. So what is sustainable development and what are its consequences? What is current in environmental thought?

This one day conference re-evaluated the relevance of environmentalism in the 21st century, examining the intimate links between the concepts of development, sustainability and environmentalism and asking if development to western standards is possible for the developing world.

An audience of 50 people dragged themselves out of bed on a Saturday morning in late September 2003 to hear the arguments and have their say. I hope they felt it was worth it . . .


Proceedings based on the notes of John Theaker, edited by Caspar Hewett:

Environmental Ideas in the 21st Century  
Sustainability Here and Now  
What Future for the Developing World?

Click Here for a pdf version of these proceedings.

Participation and Representation by David Large

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