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Previous Contributors to the Great Debate

Helene Guldberg

Helene Guldberg is managing editor of the online publication spiked

She was co-publisher of LM magazine from its launch in 1997 to its closure in 2000. She has programmed and organised high-profile events on science and society, including co-directing 'Interrogating the Precautionary Principle' at London's Royal Institution in summer 2000. Guldberg has a PhD in developmental psychology and is an associate lecturer with the Open University. She specialises in issues of human psychology and child development, and has written for publications from LM and New Scientist to the Independent (London) and Index on Censorship .

Helene Guldberg was on the panel of the public discussion Determined to Survive? The Great Debate - Freedom, Determinism and the Gene in June 2000.


'Child Protection and the Precautionary Principle' in Morris (2000) Rethinking Risk and the Precautionary Principle, Butterworth Heinemann.

'Design Tokenism and Global Warming' in Abley and Heartfield (2001) Sustaining Architecture in the Anti-Machine Age , Wiley & Sons.

'Information Technology: Prospects and Barriers' in Cummings (2002) The Internet: Brave New World?, Hodder and Stoughton.

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