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David Large


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David Large is a philosopher and champion of the ecological approach to the mind. He spent time at London, Oxford and Newcastle Universities. Davidís interests focus on mind, language and the formulation of a scientifically informed naturalistic philosophy.

David was a founder member of Newcastle Philosophy Society (NPS), a registered charity set up with the aim of facilitating the public understanding of philosophy in the North East and was Chair of the NPS from 2003 to 2008. He is a member of the Complexity Network at Northumbria University.

David has been involved in The Great Debate since its early days, co-organising and teaching on a number of The Great Debate day schools and events focusing on evolution and the mind (see Previous Events) including Sexual Selection and Questions of Human Nature, 2001; Minds, Genes and Consciousness, 2001; Of Blank Slates and Zombies, 2004; The Great Debate: Being Human, 2005; Progress of the Human Mind: From Enlightenment to Postmodernism, 2008 and has spoken on panel debates including What does it mean to be human? in 2003 and Are we masters of our own destiny? in 2010.

Most recently he was a panellist at the one-day event celebrating 20 years of The Great Debate: The Art of Reason: Curiosity, Creativity, Mystery in September, 2018.


Philosophy: BA (London), BPhil (Oxford), MPhil (Newcastle)
Regeneration: MSc (Northumbria)

Additional Information

Teaching Activities

  • The Great Debate, various courses and workshops
  • The Freedom Seminar, Newcastle Philosophy Society
  • Exploring the Mind, Newcastle Philosophy Society
  • Investigating Wittgenstein dayschools

Further details from David at DavidLarge @

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On this site by David Large

Progress of the Human Mind: From Enlightenment to Postmodernism. Discussions and conclusions of workshop facilitated by Caspar Hewett & David Large, September 2008

The Great Debate: Being Human notes, 2005;

Notes from Of Blank Slates and Zombies, a course held on Saturday 13th March 2004:
Philosophical Overview: Body, Spirit, Zombie
Having Your Cake Before Itís Made
Do we need a biological theory of human nature?

Participation and Representation. A Review of Sustainability Here and Now, part of The Great Debate: Development Sustainability Environment I

Of Course Someoneís At Home - Grandma, the Wolf and a Boojum: A Reply to Someone's at Home - This is Good by Nikolas Lloyd

No One at Home - What's New? David Large reflects on the thoughts of Steven Pinker

Do I Want To Be Like You? Thoughts arising from David Glass Ensembleís 'The Chimp that Spoke'

Minds, Genes and Consciousness - Notes written for course held on 26 May 2001

Determinism and Free Will in Science and Philosophy - Notes written for course held on 27 January 2001

Philosophical Responses to Evolution - Notes written for course held on 20 May 2000.

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