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WORLDwrite Crew
Ceri Dingle Ceri Dingle
Viv Regan Viv Regan
Ian Foster Ian Foster
Andy Hirst Andy Hirst
Helen Sewell Helen Sewell
Sadhavi Sharma Sadhavi Sharma
WORLDwrite Crew
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Ian Foster at work WORLDwrite Crew 2005

The WORLDwrite crew for Film training with a global edge consists of Ceri Dingle, Viv Regan, Ian Foster, Helen Sewell, Andrew Hirst, Sadhavi Sharma

WORLDwrite are working in partnership with The Great Debate on the forthcoming Second conference on Development, Sustainability and Environment taking place on 15th October 2005

WORLDwrite is an education charity with a difference. Its mission is to challenge prejudices and stereotypes by giving young people a unique opportunity to see the world from a fresh perspective through a first hand investigative experience. The charity helps create links between young people across the globe, encouraging them to learn from their peers, expand their horizons and champion the aspirations of newfound friends.

WORLDwrite runs programmes with young people across the UK and has exchange partnerships with Ghana, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa, India, Germany and Japan.

The Crew

Ceri Dingle is Director of the education charity, NGO, NVYO WORLDwrite which campaigns for global equality, is Co-director of the educational Consultancy ME-WE and Director of Chew on it productions. She is also a regular contributor to Radio 5 , has co-authored numerous education packs and arranged international exchange programmes with France, Spain, Ghana, India, Brazil, Japan, Germany and Uganda.

Viv Regan WORLDwrite Assistant Director & Producer Chew on it productions. Viv is also a freelance assessor of youth programmes and co-director of the educational consultancy ME-WE.

Ian Foster is Director of Photography, Chew on it Productions. Ian studied film at the University of the Arts, London and teaches film making to numerous groups.

Helen Sewell. With a background in development studies and family from Ghana and the UK Helen has been a volunteer for WORLDwrite since her school days.

Andy Hirst is a Trustee and co-founder of WORLDwrite with a background in the Arts. Andy has played a key role in developing WORLDwrite's award winning film facility.

Sadhavi Sharma. From India Sadhavi has a background in International Relations and has picked up the tricks of the film making trade as a volunteer with WORLDwrite.

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Useful Links

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