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Vinod Pavarala

Vinod Pavarala
Professor Vinod Pavarala is UNESCO Chair on Community Media at University of Hyderabad. For over a decade, he has been one of the leading campaigners for democratization of airwaves in India and has played a significant role in drafting the national policy permitting community radio a space on the radio dial in the country.

As founder-President of the Community Radio Forum of India, he plays an active role in civil society’s engagements with forging alternative media spaces for the marginalized, mostly rural, communities in India. H is much-reviewed book, co-authored with Kanchan K. Malik, Other Voices: the struggle for community radio in India (Sage, 2007) documents community-based efforts across India to carve out an alternative public sphere.

Prof. Pavarala has dual masters in Sociology and Communication and a Ph.D from University of Pittsburgh. He taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA), and IIT-Bombay, before joining University of Hyderabad in 1995. He was a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University in 1998-99, and had the honor of being invited by the International Communication Association to speak at a special plenary on communication research and policy at its annual meeting in Boston in May 2011. At the University of Hyderabad, he has served as Head, Department of Communication, Dean, Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication, and Director, International Affairs. He serves on the Boards of Studies of several universities and is on national level committees on media education.

Vinod Pavarala was on the panel at Media, Culture, Voice at Northumbria University in July 2013.

Books by Vinod Pavarala

Other Voices: The Struggle for Community Radio in India by Vinod Pavarala
Other Voices: The Struggle for Community Radio in India

This book is a significant study of an emerging alternative media scene in India in the larger context of the globalization of mass communication. It explores community radio in India. When the trend globally is toward mergers, acquisitions, and concentration of ownership in fewer and fewer corporate hands, civil society organizations all over the world have been promoting such alternative, community-owned media.

This study investigates the ideologies and communication practices of various community-based organizations that have been using community radio as a means for empowerment at the grassroots. Adopting the case-study method, the authors do an in-depth analysis of four community radio projects in India-Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat and Jharkhand.

This book provides documentation of best practices in community broadcasting, and also appropriate frameworks for policy-making as it includes a comparative study of the policies related to community radio in liberal, democratic countries and a comprehensive assessment of the history of Indian policy-making in broadcasting.

Interpreting Corruption: Elite Perspectives in India by Vinod Pavarala

Interpreting Corruption: Elite Perspectives in India by Vinod Pavarala
This study investigates the problem of corruption from a social constructivist perspective in which strategic elites in society define the problem and negotiate solutions to it. Using a framework of discourse, the construction of corruption among five elite groups - bureaucrats, judges, politicians, industrialists and journalists - is examined using a wide range of data sources, including interviews with these elites, newspaper accounts, official records of an anti-corruption agency, legal documents and manifestos of political parties. The study also analyzes the politics of efforts to combat corruption and the resulting policy recommendations.

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