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Too Many People?
Too Many People? debate, 
November 2011
Sandy Irvine interview
Facing the Future speaker interviews: Sandy Irvine
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Sandy Irvine

Sandy Irvine
Sandy Irvine is Chair of Newcastle Green Party. Now retired, he spent 35 years teaching in Further Education, latterly a sixth form centre therein. His specialist subject was Film Studies but he also taught DTP, BTEC Media, and General Studies as well as acting as a personal tutor. He has a MSc. in Town & Country Planning awarded by from Newcastle University in 1990 which was obtained by private research thesis on reforesting the uplands.

Sandy has considerable experience of the media as a writer and magazine editor. He was an associate editor of The Ecologist magazine for several years and has appeared several times on both TV (BBC1, Tyne Tees & TV SouthWest) & radio (R4 & Radio Newcastle). He remains an active researcher and writer.

Sandy Irvine was on the panel of the "Too Many People?" debate at The Great Debate: Facing the Future in November 2011


  • Co-author of A Green Manifesto (Macdonald Optima,1988)
  • Author of Beyond Green Consumerism (1989) the first of a series of public discussion papers launched by Friends of the Earth. Reprinted in Green Business: Hope or Hoax? (New Society Publishers, 1991)
  • Author of a chapter entitled ‘An Overcrowded Continent’ in S. Parkin, ed., Green Light on Europe (Heretic Books, 1991).
  • Founder and co-editor of Real World quarterly, first the magazine of the Green Party, then an independent publication. It survived 19 issues, 1992 until 1997.
  • Red Sails in the Sunset: an Ecopolitical Critique of the Socialist Inheritance. ECO, (undated): pamphlet.
  • Author of Towards A Greener Curriculum (University of Northumbria, 1984). Reprinted in volumes produced by both the University of Nottingham and the University of Edinburgh.
  • ‘Cornucopia Scam’ Contradictions of Sustainable Development’. Wild Earth, published over 3 issues: Fall, 1994: 73-84; Winter, 1994/95: 72-82; & Spring, 1995: 76-80. Shortened version also published in The Timberline, Winter 1996: 5-8.
  • ‘The Great Denial: Puncturing Pro-Natalist Myths’ in Butler, T., ed. (2002). Wild Earth: Wild Ideas for a World Out of Balance. Milkweed Press.
  • Author of several entries in Encyclopaedia of Environmental History (Routledge, 2004).
  • ‘Humanism versus the Earth’, North East Humanist, 61, Winter 2005/6: 1-2 14:28 28/10/2011
  • 'The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology & Sustainability' What Next? (vol. 31, 2007). Plus, in following issue , a detailed response to comments by Ian Birchall.

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