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Simin Davoudi

Simin Davoudi
Simin Davoudi is Professor of Environment Policy & Planning at the School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University and the ‘Justice & Governance’ Theme Coordinator at Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability (NIReS). She is past President of the Association of the European Schools of Planning (AESOP), elected member of the Academy of Social Sciences, member of the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Grant Assessment Panel C; Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014) Sub-Panel 16 (Architecture, Built Environment and Planning); and DEFRA/DECC Social Science Expert Panel. She has held visiting professorships at Universities of Amsterdam, Karlskrona and Nijmegen; led the UK Office of Deputy Prime Minister’s Planning Research Network; served as member of the Department of Communities and Local Government’s Expert Panel on Housing Markets and Planning Analysis; Research and Knowledge Committee of the Royal Town Planning Institute; Expert Group for the EU DG Environment (on Thematic Strategy on Sustainable Urban Management) and DG Regional Policy (on Green paper on Territorial Cohesion), the Irish and Austrian EU Presidency Seminars; is Advisory Group for the UK ESPON Contact Point, Advisory Board of the Irish Social Science Platform, Departmental Advisory Council for University of Hong Kong, Advisory Board of the BTH Swedish School of Planning, Expert Advisory Group for the ex-post Evaluation of the Interreg III (2006) programme. She has undertaken peer reviews for the Government’s Chief Scientist’s Foresight programme and served on Expert Review Panels of national research programmes in the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Portugal; was co-chair of ACSP-AESOP Chicago Joint Congress Committee; is the Editor of Journal of Environmental Planning & Management, founding member of the editorial team of 21st Century Society (former Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, and member of editorial board of 10 international, peer-reviewed journals. Her most recent books include: Conceptions of Space and Place in Strategic Spatial Planning (Routledge, 2009), and Planning for Climate Change (Earthscan, 2009).

Simin has undertaken research for a wide range of international and national organisations and research funding bodies and is published widely.

Simin Davoudi was on the panel of the sustainable consumption debate in 2008 and is on the panel of the debate on Environmental retreat at Decline and Fool: Changing Ideas in the Twenty Teens on 9th November 2013.

Books by Simin Davoudi

Climate Change and Sustainable Cities
by Hugo Priemus and Simin Davoudi
Climate Change and Sustainable Cities by Hugo Priemus and Simin Davoudi

Climate change has demonstrated, perhaps more than any other environmental concerns, the complexities of the human-nature interrelationship and the need for embedding a far greater environmental consciousness into our social values and norms. A drastic reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions requires a transition to low carbon cities. This demands a better understanding of the interactions between social, technical, and spatial processes which constitute cities.

The aim of this book is to explore these interactions and urge urban planners and other built environment professionals to revisit some of their traditional concepts, methods, and ways of thinking about what constitutes a ‘good’ city and according to whose priorities. The book brings together nine contributions ranging from broad overviews to sector-specific analysis, paying particular attention to the role of urban planning. Contributors cover climate change mitigation and adaptation, deal with different scales of analysis ranging from international and European to national and city perspectives, and discuss a range of policy sectors including housing, transport, energy, sea level rise as well as pathways for climate policy implementation. The diversity of the contributions is itself a reflection of the multitude of climate change concerns that preoccupy researchers, policy makers and practitioners.

Conceptions of Space and Place in Strategic Spatial Planning 
by Simin Davoudi and Ian Strange
Conceptions of Space and Place in Strategic Spatial Planning by Simin Davoudi and Ian Strange

Bringing together authors from academia and practice, this book examines spatial planning at different places throughout the British Isles. Six illustrative case studies of practice examine which conceptions of space and place have been articulated, presented and visualized through the production of spatial strategies. Ranging from a large conurbation (London) to regional (Yorkshire and Humber) and national levels, the case studies give a rounded and grounded view of the physical results and the theory behind them.

While there is widespread support for re-orienting planning towards space and place, there has been little common understanding about what constitutes ‘spatial planning’, and what conceptions of space and place underpin it. This book addresses these questions and stimulates debate and critical thinking about space and place among academic and professional planners.

Planning for a Sustainable Future
by Sue Batty, Simin Davoudi and Antonia Layard Planning for Climate Change: Strategies for Mitigation 
and Adaptation for Spatial Planners
by Simin Davoudi, Jenny Crawford & Abid Mehmood Planning, Governance and Spatial Strategy in Britain: An Institutionalist Analysis  
by Geoff Vigar, Patsy Healey, Angela Hull and Simin Davoudi

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