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Raksha Pande

Raksha Pande
Raksha Pande works as a Research Associate and Teaching Fellow in Department of Geography at Durham University. She holds a BA (Hons) from Delhi University and a MA and PhD in Human Geography from Newcastle University. She is a social geographer working within the remit of an avatar of postmodernism called postcolonialism. Her empirical interests are in exploring the changing family and gender relations among people of South Asian descent in Britain.

Raksha Pande is on the panel of the debate on After the fall? at Decline and Fool: Changing Ideas in the Twenty Teens on 9th November 2013.

Selected Publications

Pande, R (accepted/in press) “I arranged my own marriage”: arranged marriages and post-colonial feminism. Gender Place and Culture: A journal of feminist geography.

Pande, R (accepted/in press) Geographies of marriage and migration: arranged marriages and South Asians in Britain. Geography Compass.

Pande, R., Jeffrey, A., Megoran, N., & Young, R. (2013) Connecting lectures to current affairs: the “letters to newspapers” assignment. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 37, 220-229.4.

Williams, A. J., Jeffrey, A., McConnell, F., Megoran, N., Askins, K., Gill, N., Nash, C. & Pande, R (2013) Interventions in teaching political geography: Reflections on practice. Political Geography, 34, 24-34.5.

Pande, R (2009) Book review of ‘Gender and family among transnational professionals’ (ed) Coles, A and Fechter, A.M in Gender Place and Culture: A journal of feminist geography, 16(1) 114-1156.

Pande, R (2007) ‘Imagining hybrid identities’, The Geographical Journal, 173(4), 393-394

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Raksha Pande, Durham University

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