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Too Many People?
Too Many People? debate, 
November 2011
Roger Martin interview
Facing the Future speaker interviews: Roger Martin
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Roger Martin

Roger Martin
Roger Martin is Chair of Population Matters, Britain's leading population concern charity. He has had two careers: as a diplomat in Africa, Asia, the UN, and Middle East, resigning as a Deputy High Commissioner; and as an environmentalist as Director, Somerset Wildlife Trust, and with countless regional and national Government and NGO ‘green’ bodies on biodiversity, planning, water, agriculture, pollution, transport, energy, waste, etc; and has chaired many committees in both.

Roger joined Population Matters (then the Optimum Population Trust) in the early ‘90s, when he started to point out that population growth exacerbates all environmental problems, and encountered the ‘mad taboo’ of population denial.

Roger Martin was on the panel of the "Too Many People?" debate at The Great Debate: Facing the Future in November 2011

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