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Mark Tewdwr-Jones

Mark Tewdwr-Jones
Mark Tewdwr-Jones is Professor of Town Planning and a member of the Global Urban Research Unit at Newcastle University and one of the UK's leading authorities on planning, land use, and urban development.

Among Mark's achievements are aspects of spatial strategic planning thinking, the study and representation of planning on screen, behavioural dimensions to planning theory, and the relationship between planning and other policy fields such as housing.

Born in Wales and educated at University of Wales Cardiff and Birkbeck College London in town planning, politics and film, Mark has worked previously in local government in Devon and at Cardiff, Aberdeen and UCL universities. A regular commentator in the media, he possesses almost 25 years experience of teaching and writing about urban and regional planning.

He is the author or editor of 14 books, including: The European Dimension of British Planning (with R.H. Williams, 2001); The Planning Polity: Planning, Government and the Policy Process (2002); Planning Futures: New Directions for Planning Theory (with P. Allmendinger, 2002); Second Homes (with N. Gallent and A. Mace, 2005); Territory, Identity and Spatial Planning (with P. Allmendinger, 2006); Decent Homes for All (with N. Gallent, 2007); Urban and Regional Planning (with Sir P. Hall, 2011), Urban Reflections: Narratives of Place, Planning and Change (2011); Spatial Planning and Governance (2012); and The Collaborating Planner? Practitioners in the Neo-liberal Age (with B. Clifford, 2013). A further book is currently in print - The Planning Imagination - a tribute to Sir Peter Hall and his contribution to urban and regional planning (with N. Phelps and R. Freestone).

Mark is the recipient of over £1m of research and consultancy grants and has undertaken major research work for government, charities and businesses, he has given over 200 speeches worldwide, and has supervised successfully over 25 PhD students.

He was previously Government Advisor on planning, land use and housing issues to ministers in UK Government, the Welsh Government and Scottish Government, and recently served as a lead expert for the Government Chief Scientist Sir John Beddington’s Foresight project on Land Use Futures. He was also a lead expert on the NHS NICE project on spatial planning and health, served on the ESRC CASE Award Panel and RTPI General Assembly, and is a panel member for DFiD's Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. He currently serves as Vice Chairman and Trustee of the Regional Studies Association and plays an active role in the N8, the partnership of eight northern universities.

Mark is an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences and holds a passionate interest in inter-disciplinary research. He is Visiting Professor of Geography and Planning at University College Dublin and Adjunct Professor of Urban Planning and Design at the University of New South Wales, and he has been the recipient of distinguished visiting fellowships at California, Nijmegen, Pretoria, Malta, Sydney, Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai. In 2009, he was a speaker at the Cheltenham Science Festival, and was curator of city and film sessions at the Open City London Documentary Film Festival in 2011 and 2012.

He is currently looking at research on: data and intelligence needs in cities; planning and place making and assets to growth; and localism. He is the 'People, Place and Communities Theme Champion' at the Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal.

Mark Tewdwr-Jones is on the panel of the debate on After the fall? at Decline and Fool: Changing Ideas in the Twenty Teens on 9th November 2013.


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Mark Tewdwr-Jones, Newcastle University

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