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Is Anti-Americanism Xenophobic?

The US Government?
The Axis of Evil?
British Politicians?

The Ashton Group, The Great Debate and Northern Stage present

The Great Debate: Is Anti-Americanism Xenophobic?

Wednesday 5th March, 10pm
Newcastle Playhouse Foyer/Bar

A discussion convened by Mo Lovatt

Chair Caspar Hewett


Rachel Ashton, Director, Lockerbie 103
Jon Bryan, Lecturer in Sociology, Newcastle College
Des Dillon, writer of Lockerbie 103
Ian Ferguson, journalist and co-author of
Cover up of Convenience: The Hidden Scandal of Lockerbie
Doug Henderson, MP
Peter Hetherington, Regional Affairs Editor, The Guardian

Click Here for proceedings of this event

Why is the British public against attacking Iraq?

Are they anti-war?
Are they anti-imperialist?
Are they simply anti-American?

As part of Northern Stage's Colour season, this event will look at the impact of US and British foreign policies and at attitudes towards the impending war. On February 15th 2003 approximately a million people marched to Hyde Park in London, joining millions around the world in showing their opposition to an attack on Iraq. Yet it is unclear what this means. Does it represent a new pacificism or anti-Imperialism, or is it simply fueled by anti-American sentiment?

Following the opening of Lockerbie 103 on 5th March at The Gulbenkian Studio, Newcastle upon Tyne, this discussion will look at these questions and at issues raised by the play.

There has never been a more important time to address these questions.

Lockerbie 103 by Des Dillon

Thirteen years after Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie in December 1988 killing 270 people, a young American tourist arrives in town. Staying in a local hotel he encounters a variety of characters - each of whom has been deeply affected by the outrage. As their stories unfold we discover that first appearances count for very little when the truth is on trial.

Inspired by the book Cover-up of Convenience: the hidden scandal of Lockerbie by John Ashton and Ian Ferguson, Lockerbie 103 is a compelling play that is both a murder mystery and a political thriller. The play explores the possibility of a miscarriage of justice in a stimulating and accessible manner.

Written by Des Dillon (International Playwriting Festival Award Winner, 2001) and produced by Barrow’s The Ashton Group (Eating the Elephant, COLD) in association with pioneering Asian theatre company Tara Arts, Lockerbie 103 is a collaboration between theatre makers and journalists

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