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John Pickering

John Pickering
John Pickering, BSc DPhil is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Warwick University.

After degrees in Psychology from Edinburgh and Sussex universities, Dr Pickering held appointments at Rochester and Stanford. He then returned to the UK to join the psychology department of Warwick University, where he still teaches. His overlapping interests include process thought, the comparison of Western and Eastern psychological traditions, ecopsychology, biosemiotics and cultural evolution. He is interested in postmodernism because he finds it useful as a framework for his various interests.

John Pickering is on the panel of the debate on After the fall? at Decline and Fool: Changing Ideas in the Twenty Teens on 9th November 2013.

Selected Publications

Pickering, J. (2007) Is Wellbeing Local or Global? A Perspective from Ecopsychology. In Well-Being: individual, community and social perspectives. Edited by J.Haworth and G.Hart. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Pickering, J. (2006) The first-person perspective in postmodern psychology. In Buddhist Thought and Applied Psychological Research: Transcending the Boundaries. Edited by Tori, C. and Nauriyal, D. London: Routledge Curzon Press

Pickering, J. (2004). Whitehead and Embodied Cognition: Implications for Therapy. In Consciousness Studies from a Whiteheadian Perspective. Weber, M. & Riffert, F. (Ed.s). Vienna: Peter Lang. Whitehead-Psychology Nexus Studies II.

Pickering, J. (2003). Psychology Moves Towards Whitehead. In Riffert, F. & Weber, M. (Ed.s) Searching for New Contrasts: Whiteheadian Contributions to Contemporary Challenges in Neurophysiology, Psychology, Psychotherapy and the Philosophy of Mind. Vienna: Peter Lang. Whitehead-Psychology Nexus Studies I.

Pickering, J. (2001). Human Identity in the Age of Software Agents. In Cognitive Technology: Instruments of Mind, edited by Beynon, M., Nehaniv, C. & Dautenhahn, K.. Springer, Berlin. Pages 442 452.

Pickering, J. (2000). Methods are a Message. In Investigating Phenomenal Consciousness: Methodologies And Maps. Edited by Velmans, M.. John Benjamins: Amsterdam. Pages 279 - 300.

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John Pickering, Warwick University

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