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Jennie Barron

Dr Jennie Barron

Jennie Barron is a research fellow in water management at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and affiliated to Stockholm Resilience Centre. Her research is focussed on water management in field to meso-scale watersheds for food production, livelihood improvements and agro-ecosystems sustainability.

Dr Barron is now working on research in integrated resource management strategies actively incorporating on and off-farm water uses in field to meso-scale watershed. Of particular interest are the opportunities to enable desirable transformations of livelihoods and production landscapes for sustainable development, in view of uncertainty and complexity of global and local change. The research activities are being undertaken in several project partnerships, currently focussing on sites in Niger, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Zambia and India.

Previously, Dr Barron worked with water and agricultural related research and development in sub-Sahara Africa, SE Asia and Australia. She has also several years of experience in higher education and learning support activities both in Sweden and in the African context. She has contributed to the CGIAR initiative “Comprehensive assessment of water for agriculture” and made contributions towards the Swedish Environmental Advisory Council on future fresh water and land requirements for food, and bioenergy. She holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Management, Stockholm University, and a M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden. Dr Barron has author/co-author to 10 peer reviewed papers and book chapters.

She currently serves as a member on the Scientific Board of The Water Research Fund of Southern Africa (WARFSA). She has acted as reviewer to Norwegian Research Council and various scientific journals

Jennie Barron was on the panel of the Food and Water Security debate held as part of Getting Real About Climate Change in March 2010 .

Recent Publications

Rainwater harvesting: a lifeline for human well-being (2009)

Opportunities to increase water productivity in agriculture with special reference to Africa and South Asia (2009)

Rainwater harvesting: a lifeline to human well-being (Policy brief) (2009)

Conservation farming strategies in East and Southern Africa: Yields and rain water productivity from on-farm action research (2009)

Agricultural water management in smallholder farming systems: the value of soft components in mesoscale interventions (2008)

Water productivity and green water management in agro-ecosystems (2008)

Green-blue flow dependency in rainfed agro-eco systems: livelihood analysis in Makanya watershed, NE Tanzania (2008)

Water productivity in rainfed systems: Overview of challenges and analysis of opportunities in water scarcity prone savannahs (2007)

Managing water in rainfed agriculture (2007)

Water pressure and increases in food & bioenergy demand implications of economic growth and options for decoupling (2007)

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