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Clive Lord

Clive Lord
Clive Lord was born in 1935, is widowed and has two sons. He was a founder member of PEOPLE, later the Ecology Party, now the Green Party, in 1973. A Probation Officer from 1964 to 1994, he has stood for the Green Party at all levels, parliamentary elections every General Election since 1974, every local election since 1980, and European elections in 1984, 1989 and 1994. His book A Citizens' Income: A Foundation for a Sustainable World [2003] outlined his philosophy.

Clive was on the panel of What is Sustainable Culture? and gave a talk about his philosophy as part of The Green Phoenix Festival debate programme in August 2010. He is on the panel of the debate on Environmental retreat at Decline and Fool: Changing Ideas in the Twenty Teens on 9th November 2013.

Clive says:

'My reasons for believing a Green Party would have to be invented were that sooner or later the principal political divide would be between those who recognized the non-negotiability of sustainability and those who thought man was clever enough to permanently outwit nature, or at least for a while longer. The old distributional basis of political conflict could be defused by the “Citizens Income.”

'I also saw it as necessary - and I still do - that those who agreed with our Green view should vote as a block. In 1973 this ‘block’ of people who took the Green analysis seriously was less than 10%. Today it is better than 25%, but that still means that appropriate, indeed necessary, measures will be rejected by up to 75%, so the original 'vote as a block' strategy is still necessary.

'Hence I have stood for the Green Party at all levels. I have written a book outlining my philosophy, which was published by Jon Carpenter, a specialist publisher. I am having difficulty in getting a re-write, much improved by feedback and further reading, published.'

Clive's comments on The Green Phoenix Festival programme:
“It was indeed a great debate. My experience of the Great British Public is that only ¼ 'buy' the climate change/sustainability paradigm (up from less than 10% 35 years ago), but embedded in the other ¾ are 10% who actively oppose it. It was therefore a shock to meet so many articulate opponents, among the attenders, not just the hand-picked speakers. Very good to be put on the spot. Each of us see ourselves as the under-dog. They feel that steady state is the new orthodoxy, we on our side think that is barely skin deep, and that the pro-growthers still represent the status quo. To be continued?”

Books by Clive Lord

A Citizens' Income: A Foundation for a Sustainable World

This fresh perspective on the theme of how to stop mankind making a mess of the Earth, challenges recent reassurances that scientific warnings are unduly pessimistic. Clive Lord offers disturbing new insights into the dynamics driving globalization and explains why the major players can never recognize when to stop, or know how to.

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Bjørn Lomborg - Hero or Villain? by Clive Lord

Vote for, not against something by Clive Lord, May 2009

The Mutual Interdependence of a Citizens Income and Ecological Sustainability Sept 2002

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