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Christopher Snowdon

Christopher Snowdon
Christopher Snowdon is an author, journalist and researcher with an interest in lifestyle freedoms, dodgy statistics and the politics of well-being. He is a research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, writes for City Am and Spiked, and regularly appears on TV and radio discussing social and economic issues. He is the author of The Spirit Level Delusion (2010) and Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: A History of Anti-Smoking (2009). His most recent book is The Art of Suppression: Pleasure, Panic and Prohibition since 1800 (2011). Other publications include Sock Puppets: How the government lobbies itself and why (IEA, 2012) and Are More Equal Countries Happier? (a chapter in ...and the Pursuit of Happiness, IEA, 2012). Born in North Yorkshire, he now lives with his wife and daughter in Sussex.

Chris Snowdon was on the panel of Equality, Equity and the dispossessed at The Great Debate: Whatever Happened to Equality? in November 2012.

Books by Chris Snowdon

The Spirit Level Delusion: Fact-checking the Left's New Theory of Everything
by Christopher Snowdon
The Spirit Level Delusion: Fact-checking the Left's New Theory of Everything

Do Cubans live longer than Americans? Are Scandinavians happier than the British? Do Oscar winners live longer than other actors? Does capitalism cause mental illness? Does inequality lead to murder? Would higher taxes make us slimmer, more trusting and more charitable? The Spirit Level Delusion shines the light of reason on some of the extraordinary claims made in favour of big government in the twenty-first century. Several books (The Spirit Level, Happiness and Affluenza amongst others) have called for a radical shift in power from the individual to the state based on the supposedly devastating effects of wealth, economic growth and inequality. By examining all the available evidence, Christopher Snowdon tests the theory that 'more equal' countries are healthier, happier and more successful. Through a sober assessment of the facts-including some inconvenient truths-The Spirit Level Delusion shows that the theory not only lacks empirical support but also fails the basic test of believability. "If you haven’t read a book that made you laugh out loud on the bus or the Tube in a while, try Christopher Snowdon’s superb release, The Spirit Level Delusion. But the book’s subtle humour is not the reason I am recommending it. The Spirit Level Delusion is, above all, a book that delivers and goes well beyond the promise of its subtitle – 'fact-checking the left’s new theory of everything'... It may well be that the next big battle for a free society will be fought against the new anti-wealth egalitarianism. Christopher Snowdon has provided defenders of freedom with powerful ammunition." — Kristian Niemietz, Institute of Economic Affairs "Snowdon picks so many holes in the theory that were it a building it wouldn’t be passed as structurally sound by the most crooked of third world local government surveyors... I wish that everyone who espoused The Spirit Level would read The Spirit Level Delusion, which explains just how dubious the science behind this grand theory is." — Ed West, The Telegraph "The Spirit Level Delusion not only successfully and dramatically undermines much of the evidence in The Spirit Level, but also takes on the other fashionable opponents of economic growth... His engaging discussion unpicks the evidence of the anti-growth brigade and demonstrates that it is selective and partial. This book is excellent “tube reading”. — Philip Booth, City AM

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