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Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell
Ben Campbell is a social anthropologist who has taught at the Universities of Edinburgh, Hull, Keele and Manchester, and is now lecturer in social anthropology at Durham University. He has researched the impact of development and conservation projects on subsistence farming and cultural practice in the Nepal Himalayas. Research interests in UK concern new localisations of ethnicity, changing cultures of food, and environmental citizenship.

Ben Campbell was on the panel of the Food and Water Security debate held as part of Getting Real About Climate Change in March 2010 (video) and is on the panel of Limits to Imagination as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.


Campbell, Ben 2008. Introduction: Environmental Cosmopolitans. Nature and Culture 3(1): 9-24.

Campbell, Ben 2008. Fields of Posthuman Kinship. In European kinship in the age of biotechnology. Salazar Carles & Edwards, Jeanette Oxford: Berghahn.

Campbell, B. 2007. Racialization, ethnicity, genes and the re-invention of the Nation in Europe. Oxford: Berghahn.

Campbell, B. 2005. Changing Protection Policies and Ethnographies of Environmental Engagement. Conservation and Society 3(2): 280-322

Campbell, Ben 2005. On 'Loving Your Water buffalo More Than Your Own Mother': Relationships of Animal and Human Care in Nepal. In Animals in Person: Cultural Perspectives on Human-Animal Intimacy. Knight, John Oxford: Berg. 79-100.

Campbell, B. 2004. Indigenous views on the Terms of Participation in the Development of Biodiversity Conservation in Nepal. In Investigating Local Knowledge: new directions, new approaches. Bicker, A, Sillitoe, P & Pottier, J. Aldershot: Ashgate. 149-167.

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Ben Campbell staff profile at Durham University

Disappearing People? Indigenous Groups and Ethnic Minorities in South and Central Asia by Ben Campbell

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