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Bill Colwell

Bill Colwell
Bill Colwell is a local activist based in the North East of England who works with The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), a countryside organisation that seeks to take the pressure of the Countryside by improving the way we do things in our Cities, BAN Waste, an award winning voluntary organisation that aims to promote Zero Waste policy and practice in the North East of England and a diverse range of participation focussed projects. His primary interest is sustainable development and he works for Atlantic Pictures.

Bill Colwell was on the panel of the Activism in the noughties in March 2009 and the I'm A Subsistence Farmer... Get Me Out Of Here! debate at The Great Debate: Developing World Challenges in March 2008. Click here for edited video of I'm A Subsistence Farmer debate.

Bill Colwell says:

'My schooling was complemented by life on my familyís pre-machine age farm. By the arrival of my 19th harvest, and in the same month, Slade; a frontline position on the Irish Rock scene and the unfolding world of focus groups were placed at my feet. It was the latter that nurtured my early experiences and provided the matrix to grow all other interests.

'Technical support in the development of techniques that were to reinterpret the beloved timeline continues to influence our civilizationís perception of its impact upon itself. This provided my gentle introduction to the universe of R&D teams in medicine, engineering and science. Their contributions and reputations in their own global interest communities, would match the Medici.

'Licence not to know; absorb whatís necessary and identify pattern are hallmark themes that nurtured my participation in some of the most impenetrable topics on our planet. My small creative practice went on to support an array of small companies that for brief times would lead the world-defining movements of the past 60 years . These were consummate players in what we all work towards... a coherent Knowledge Economy.

'Invention is infectious and I develop several of my own projects. Alongside engagement in the disquieting voids that are Ďlocal issues, my production company makes videos for deserving businesses... bulbs for the light at the end of the tunnel.

'Having endured the massed reasoning of the WorldWrite team in 2006 I anticipate the bright green shoots of a miracle with an enthusiasm akin to hearing of Nolanís entry into local and regional government... anywhere!'

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The Campaign to Protect Rural England
BAN Waste

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