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Dr Amir Saeed

Amir Saeed
Amir Saeed is Senior Lecturer at Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies University of Sunderland and is Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication. He teaches Media and Cultural Studies and his research interests include Race and Ethnic Studies; Media Power; and 9/11 and the Media.

Amir Saeed was on the panel of The Legacy of Multiculturalism as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.

Amir Saeed comments on The Legacy of Multiculturalism debate, August 2010.


Book chapters

2010 forthcoming: 'British-Asian Music and Cultural Resistance in Contemporary Popular Music' in Rinella Cere (ed) Post-Colonial Britain (Palgrave London)

2009: 'Radical Politics and British Muslims' in Jonathan Pugh (ed) Radical Politics Today with Foreword by Tony Benn (Routledge London)

2009: 'Musical Jihad' in John Storey (ed) Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: A Reader (4th Edition Longman London)

2008: 'My Jihad' in Sally Davison and Jonathan Rutherford (eds) Race, Identity and Belonging (Lawrence and Wishart), with an introduction by George Shire [previously published in Soundings (27) 2004]

2007: 'Northern Racism: A Pilot Study of Racism in Sunderland' in Christoph Ehland (ed) Thinking Northern: Textures of Identity in the North of England, (Rodopi Press: Amsterdam/New York)

Journal articles

2009: 'Israel's propaganda and its war on Gaza', The Canadian Charger

2009: 'Malcolm X and British-Muslims: A Personal Reflection', re-published by the Malcolm X Foundation (originally published in The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture vol. XVI, 2007)

2008: 'Between Marx and Muhammed: Class Politics and British Muslims', Soundings Online Debates

2008: 'Teaching and Learning Guide for: Media, Racism and Islamophobia: The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media [article previously published in Sociology Compass (1) 2007)

2007: 'Cultures of Racism', Soundings Online Debates, November

2007: 'Media, Racism and Islamophobia: The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the Media', Sociology Compass (1) (2007)

2007: 'Malcolm X and British-Muslims: A Personal Reflection', The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture vol. XVI

2006: 'Western Propaganda and the War on Terrorism: The Dangers of American Ignorance', Public Resistance 2:1 2006 (available at

2006: 'Musical Jihad', Soundings, Summer, 33

2004: 'My Jihad' Soundings, August, 27

2004: '9/11 and British Muslims' in John Carter and David Morland (eds) Anti-Capitalist Britain (New Clarion Press: London)

2004: 'Musical Jihad: Hip Hop Music and British-Muslims' Jihad musical? Musique Hip-hop et musulmans en Grande-Bretagne et France' (co-authored with Steve Cannon) in Alec G. Hargreaves (ed) MinoritÚs ethniques anglophones et francophones: Útudes culturelles comparatives (Harmattan Press)

2003: '"What's in a name?" Muhammad Ali and the Politics of Cultural Identity', Culture, Sport and Society, 5:3, Autumn

2002: 'Muhammad Ali and the Politics of Cultural Identity' in A. Bernstein and N. Blain (eds) (Frank Cass London)

2002: 'A Community Under Suspicion: Riots and British Asians', Scottish Left Review (12) September/October

Conference Papers and Invited Papers (since 2001)

2008: Hip-Hop and Islam, invited paper at Diasporas, Migration and Identities conference, Loughborough University, July

2008: Islamophobia and Capitalism, invited paper at the Thinking Thru' Islamophobia symposium, Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies, University of Leeds, May

2006: Beyond Orientalism: Why Palestine is still the issue. AMPE/MECSA Joint Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, January

2005: Western Media, Islam and Jihad. Invited paper at University of Paisley (Department of Media and Music), November

2005: Nothing But the Same Old Story Again? Scottish-Pakistani Muslims and Scottish Irish Catholics: Islamophobia, Sectarianism and Identity. Third Annual Irish Studies Conference, University of Sunderland, November

2005: Western Propaganda and the War on Terrorism. China and American Media Transformation in a Changing World conference, Wuhan University, China, November

2005: Tupac Shakur, Black Power and Hip-Hop. Celebrity Culture conference, University of Paisley (Ayr Campus), September

2005: Malcolm X and British Muslims. Malcolm X Legacy Global Perspective conference, CUNY Harlem, New York, May

2004: Racism Post 9/11 and British Muslims. Transnational Communities and ICTs: Participation and Citizenship conference, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland, May

2004: Racism and British Muslims. Invited paper at University of Teesside (Department of Sociology) April

2003: Terrorism and British Muslims. Meeting of Minds: Comparing Migrant Experiences Across Ethnic Groups conference, Camden Irish Centre, London, November

2003: British Muslims, Islam and the War on Terrorism. Sacred Media - Conference On Media, Religion And Culture, Helsinki University and Jyvskyl University, July

2002: Scottish Pakistanis: Racialisation and Islamification. BRISHIN: British Island Stories History Identity and Nationhood, University of York, April

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Amir Saeed's profile at Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies

Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies

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