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Alison Neilson

Alison Neilson

Dr Alison Neilson,
University of the Azores,
Angra do Heroismo,

Dr. Alison Neilson is the team leader for the project EDUMAR Perspectives about the sea and sea life: Cetaceans and tourism in the Azores, Portugal and Newfoundland, Canada. She has a PhD in Comparative International and Development Education from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Ecology from York University, Toronto. Her recent book, Disrupting privilege, identity, and meaning: A reflexive dance of environmental education is based on her work around issues of power in making knowledge. She has trained hundreds of environmental educators in Canada, South America and Southern Africa. She focuses on issues of diversity, language, culture and the practical implications for conservation of wildlife.

Alison Neilson is on the panel of Activism in the noughties at Donít Shout at the Telly, Change What's on it! in March 2009.

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Disrupting Privilige, Identity, and Meaning

Disrupting Privilige, Identity, and Meaning: A Reflective Dance of Environmental Education by Alison Neilson

This narrative about the research journey explores the motivation to study practices of environmental education and the privilege that supports the authors ability to do so. It is about the process of dislodging individual privilege in environmental education research and being part of a community of practice. It is written to invite participation in reciprocal learning/teaching about and knowledge construction of environmental education as collaborative reflexive practice.

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Useful Links

Disrupting Privilige, Identity, and Meaning by Alison Neilson

Trickster teachers [Coyote Alternatives] article by Alison Neilson, 2007

Biodiversity group, University of the Azores

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