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Alex Lockwood

Alex Lockwood
Alex Lockwood is Programme Leader for Magazine Journalism at the University of Sunderland, specialising in the practice and theory of green journalism, and the experience of global environmental change. Much of the interest in this area evolved during his four years as editor for the social justice and environment media platform OneWorld ( He is also developing projects around 21st century magazine enterprise, and writing/literary theory. Since 1999, his professional expertise has been in the development of content and audiences, social media, digital project management, and the business management of digital services for a range of private and public sector organisations, including the Cultural Leadership Programme. He has worked with and trained journalists in India, Zambia, the United States and the Balkans.

Alex is currently preparing a research project examining the representation of the texts and effects of climate change across media, from the press to literature, through the combination of a set of language theories with the field of neuroscience. He has provided communications consultancy to the UNDP for the Millennium Development Goals campaign, and sat on the new media steering group for the G8 Make Poverty History campaign.

Alex Lockwood was on the panel of Climate change: convenient untruths, unacceptable messages? at The Great Debate: Donít Shout at the Telly, Change What's on it! in March 2009 and is on the panel of Limits to Freedom as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.

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Donít Shout at the Telly, Change What's on it!

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