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Dr Andrew Calcutt

Andrew Calcutt
Andrew Calcutt is the 'hackademic' (former journalist turned academic) who left Channel Cyberia (one of the earliest online magazines in the UK) to set up the University of East London's first journalism programme (BA Journalism and Print Media.) His academic career is as old as the Docklands Campus, which opened in 1999. He edits Rising East, the online inquiry into the re-making of East London and its international relations.

Andrew is a journalist investigating journalism - an investigation carried out from the twin positions of engagement with journalism (30 years now since he first earned his living from editing) and critical distance from it (more than a decade since his first academic book was published). As with the combination of two eyes which most of us are lucky enough to see through, the cross-traffic of ideas and information received from each of these different positions adds another dimension to his insight into journalism.

He is currently looking into: the historical subject and the possibility of objectivity; journalism and its role in the history of the social; Web 2.0 and the desire for mutual recognition. He is also interested in new models for disseminating ideas and developing debate.

Andrew Calcutt was on the panel of Limits to Imagination as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.

Andrew Calcutt comments on The Great Debate Green Phoenix Festival programme, August 2010.

Books by Andrew Calcutt

Arrested Development by Andrew Calcutt
Arrested Development: Pop Culture and the Erosion of Adulthood by Andrew Calcutt

Calcutt suggests that the counterculture of the fifties and sixties provided a verbal and visual language for today's victim culture and the authoritarian politics he sees as arising from it. He views the consequent erosion of adulthood as a social problem which must be overcome.

Brit.Cult: An A-Z of British Pop Culture by Andrew Calcutt

Brit.Cult: An A-Z of British Pop Culture by Andrew Calcutt
At the millennium Britain stands at a cultural cross-roads. There's been endless talk of cultural regeneration - a brave new Britain of Cool Britannia and Brit Pop. In an age of cultural cross-pollination and pop cultural imperialism from the USA what can we really call our own? and why? In this book, Andrew Calcutt takes a lively and opinionated look at the real movers, shakers and innovators, the cultural icons, touchstones and shrines of what could truly be called British pop culture. Stretching over the past 30 years it includes everyone and thing from The Kinks to The Fall, mods and rockers to rave culture. It also looks at the roots of each entry to see what they have taken from even further back in British culture. Altogether it paints a picture of a multi-cultural tapestry recycling the past in search of the new.

White Noise: An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture by Andrew Calcutt
White Noise: An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture by Andrew Calcutt

Cult Fiction by Andrew Calcutt and Richard Shephard
Cult Fiction by Andrew Calcutt and Richard Shephard

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Selected Publications

Journalism Studies: a critical introduction by Phil Hammond and Andrew Calcutt (2010)

The Future of Objectivity by Phil Hammond and Andrew Calcutt (2010)

'Strictly Personal: the working class confined to community', in Dave Clements et al. (eds) The Future of Community (2008)

'Forcing the market, Forging community: culture as social construction in the Thames Gateway', in Phil Cohen and Mike Rustin (eds) London's Turning (2008)

Creative Britain: the role of culture in the re-mediation of social relations by Andrew Calcutt (2005)

'London, Beijing and the role of culture in reconstructing society', in Gavin Poynter and Iain Macrury (eds) Olympic Cities: 2012 and the re-making of London

Arrested Development: pop culture and the erosion of adulthood by Andrew Calcutt (1998)

BritCult: an A-Z of pop culture in Britain by Andrew Calcutt (1999)

Computer Porn Panic: fear and control in cyberspace, Futures journal, 1995

Cult Fiction by Andrew Calcutt and Richard Shephard (1998)

'Democracy under Threat' in Hugh Stephenson and Michael Bromley (eds), Sex, Lies and Democracy (1998)

Diana: the iconography of victimhood (1999)

White Noise: contradictions in cyberculture by Andrew Calcutt (1998)

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