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Alero Arenyeka

Alero Arenyeka
Alero Arenyeka is a 3rd year PhD student in Environmental Engineering at Newcastle University who is set to graduate in 2015. Her passion for stakeholder considerations in decision-making led her to her current field of interdisciplinary research. Her current work involves determining the viability of biochar as a suitable and sustainable remediation option for crude oil contaminated soils in Nigeria. This involves laboratory research as well as interaction with key stakeholders within the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. She has previously worked as an Administrative consultant on a project aimed at promoting Citizen Participation in Governance within the Public finance analysis unit of ActionAid Intl, Nigeria. She has also recently become involved with ‘Engineers without borders', a UK charity which seeks to empower young engineers to remove barriers to human development. She loves music and loves to interact with people.

Alero Arenyeka was on the panel of Rescuing Our Brownfield Spaces in April 2014 as part of the ETUDE project

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ETUDE project

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