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The Great Debate, North-East Humanists & Newcastle Philosophy Society present

The Great Brexit Debate 2019

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The Great Brexit Debate 2019
30th November 2019
Newcastle Arts Centre
Convened and chaired by Hannes Torbohm and Caspar Hewett

Three years and more on from the referendum the questions surrounding Brexit remain unresolved and the country is divided. Why is it that the movements catalysed around both leave and remain are unable to meet? Is Brexit unearthing something below the surface? Where does this division leave the UK moving forwards?

This half day event explored these and other questions. Proponents of different sides of the argument made their case for the philosophical and political underpinnings of their beliefs and had their ideas interrogated by the audience.

Philip Armstrong, economist;
Dr Chris Gilligan, anti-racist activist
Dr Kevin Yuill, Brexit Party Parliamentary Candidate

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Philip Armstrong
Philip is a member of a new discipline in Economics called MMT (modern monetary theory). The proponents of this belief argue that wider neo-classical economics has abandoned the modern age, and is actively doing harm to those in need throughout the western world. This becomes pertinent because the Maastricht Treaty, which is one founding document of the EU, bans their policy proposals. Philip is distinct in this field as actually supporting the EU project himself, but with a “lukewarm” response as they are the very institution stopping people from being free to enact good economic policy. His position is then in the middle, and deeply nuanced.

Dr Chris Gilligan
Chris is a veteran migrant rights activist. He is the author of Northern Ireland and the Crisis of Anti-racism. He has written on aspects of Brexit for With Sober Senses (the publication of the Marxist-Humanist Initiative), the Rosa Luxemburg Institute, Insurgent Notes, Hard Crackers, Open Democracy and Scottish Detainee Visitors. In his writings, and public talks, he has particularly focused on the issues of Brexit, immigration and the Irish border, Left Brexiteers' evasion of the charge of racism, and Brexit and the contradictions of the UK's unwritten constitution.

Dr Kevin Yuill
Kevin Yuill is Prospective Brexit Party Candidate for Houghton and Sunderland South. He is standing on a platform of democracy, sovereignty and political accountability. He is associate professor of history at the University of Sunderland and has published academic articles on topics including assisted suicide, euthanasia freedom, the history of affirmative action, race relations and gun control. He is author of Assisted Suicide: the liberal, humanist case against legalization and The Second Amendment and Gun Control: freedom, fear, and the American constitution.

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Chris Gilligan Introductory talk (30˝ minutes)

Philip Armstrong Introductory talk (40 minutes)

Main discussion with audience (48 minutes)

Last part of main discussion (8˝ minutes)

Closing remarks (10˝ minutes)

More videos to follow soon - watch this space!

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